Certification Qualification-Personnel
Persons who can engage in administrative matters such as planning and promotion of environmental education or to engage in teaching matters such as environmental commentary, demonstration, and performance, etc. may submit administrative or teaching matters based on the measures of education, exposure, expertise, referral appointment, examinations, or training under the certification of environmental education personnel. Environmental education personnel divide into the following professional areas: 1. School and social environmental education, 2. Climate change, 3. Disaster prevention and rescue, 4. Nature conservation, 5. Pollution prevention, 6. Environmental and resource management, 7. Cultural preservation, 8. Community participation, and 9. Other professional fields announced by the central competent government authorities.

Certification Qualification-Institution
To apply for environmental education institution certification, their qualifications should meet one of the following requirements: 1. Government agencies (organizations) at all levels have set up professional training or research units. 2. A university or independent college with an environment-related institute or with relevant training facilities. 3. A legal person established under law who has conducted environmental training or study courses on his own or in trust, accumulating more than 80 hours a year.

Certification Qualifications-Facility and venue
Environmental education facilities and venues refer to spaces, fields, installations, or equipment with rich natural or human characteristics that integrate environmental education professional manpower, curriculum plans, and management to provide environmental education professional services. Facilities and venues should set up to respect life and maintain natural ecological resources and characteristics, and avoid the construction of unnecessary artificial installations, laying, or equipment.